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  Welcome to Renaissance Landscape Group

In order to maximize the enjoyment of your property let the landscape designers at Renaissance Landscape Group create a special space for you and your family . While embracing your existing environment, let them tap into the true potential of your outdoor space, extend your usable living area and increase the value of your home..

The creation of a stunning and unique backyard oasis that allows you to "get away from it all" not only increases the enjoyment of your home, but can also save you the time and trouble of maintaining a faraway cottage. With a Renaissance environment, the great outdoors is just steps away. It's a custom designed extension of your indoor space, created with you and for you.

In 15 years serving clients across the Golden Triangle, the Renaissance Landscape Group has garnered a loyal following by bringing their clients' dreams to life like no one else. With award­ winning creativity and attention to detail, Renaissance has the skill and talent to unleash the splendor of nature at its finest, creating a unique work of art for each and every client. Working with a proven team of experts and a wide palette of materials, their passion for blending form, function and beauty is a hallmark of every project they undertake.

The landscaping designers at the Renaissance Landscaping Group, listen carefully to your wants and needs. They work closely with you through the design process, to develop a plan that embodies your unique way of life. When you are thoroughly satisfied, the masterful Renaissance experts set to work creating a landscape design you'll enjoy from every angle, in every season - one that will become even more beautiful and valuable as it matures.

Call 1-800-523-1181 to learn how Renaissance Landscape Group can create the outdoor environment you've always wanted.